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Gentleman, start your engine!

We see an overview of reinforcement learning and AWS Deepracer on my first post of this series. Then we look one of basic framework for reinforcement learning, which MDP on the last post. Today, we will learn on how to build our first reinforcement learning model using AWS Deepracer Console.

Reinforcement Learning Refresher

Reinforcement learning is one of machine learning algorithm where we build a model (an agent) that can learn by itself from its interaction with the environment to reach some goals. There are lots of example of reinforcement learning agent, some of them are:

Markov Decision Process as one Reinforcement Learning Framework JML x AWS DeepRacer Bootcamp Pt. 2

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On the first part of this series we take a high level approach of what is reinforcement learning and take a helicopter view on AWS Deepracer Console. Now we will take a closer look on how to approach reinforcement learning concept mathematically.

Markov Chain

In the early 20th century, a Russian mathematician, Andrey Markov, learned stochastic processes with no memory, later know as Markov chain. It is a statistical model of the sequence of process where the prediction probability of the next state of event is solely depend on the current state. For example, we want to predict the weather, right now…

A journey to learn reinforcement learning.
JML x AWS DeepRacer Bootcamp Pt. 1

You’ve probably have heard about self driving car. Maybe you’ve ever wondered how could it be possible. If you want to know some, than let’s deep dive into this article.

Tesla model S, picture taken from TopGear website
Tesla model S, picture taken from TopGear website
Tesla Model S [source:]

There are of course lots of parts that make autonomous driving can happens and it is still growing. One technology that make this self-driving car possible is the rise of computing technology using one of artificial intelligence (AI) technology which is reinforcement learning (RL).

So what is artificial intelligence? Is it like in Terminator movie? …

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